I am a self taught published photographer making memories for families and High School Seniors & creating story telling images for artists and homes.

It started as a hobby when I was young ...taking photos of things I wanted to remember or thought were interesting . About 15 years ago, it became my business when one friend mentioned the idea to me and another friend asked to hire me to document her son turning one !!. From the first click that day ...I fell in love with photography in a whole new way and my career was born.

Over the past 15 years , I realized that I hadn't kept my digital photos very organized and was having a hard time finding images that I needed or couldn't find some family images that had gotten mixed in with my work photos . I was overwhelmed . I hired an expert photo manager , Diana of OXO Digital Solutions ,to help me get organized. I am now in the process of organizing all of my digital photos & becoming a certified photo manager .

I want to help as many people as I can to document moments in their lives as well as help save your images from possible distinction because you can't find them .

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